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The goal behind the jumpman project is to convert this self booting game from 1983 to a DOS application which can be run under windows. (well, DOSBox anyway)
This is for nostalgia's sake as well as learning the inner workings of a very popular PC arcade game.
This web page is in no way designed to harm the original author, Randy Glover or the company Epyx by releasing their products into the public domain without permission. This is a page of worship for the original authors and repayment for the hours and hours of enjoyment I received from the game back in the day. Jumpman is a game I feel deserves to be resurrected to operate on today's high speed computers with enhanced graphics and sound. Since Epyx can no longer do it, I am honored to do the job for them.

The primary objectives of this project are:

Objective: Status:
Complete gameplay. Complete! Minor issues aside, the game is 100% playable.
Free commented, compilable source code Complete! Code still needs more comments, but compiles.
Runs as a DOS app, works in Windows 9x/NT/XP Complete! Even works on a PCjr!
Speed throttling for even the fastest machines Complete! A few levels run a tad too slow. No biggie!
PCjr EGA graphics on VGA systems Proof of concept ready. Download here
Enhanced sound via soundblaster Proof of concept ready. Download here
Level editor  Beta 002 ready! 

This project was begun over christmas break 1999 and it is now totally playable!
Can you help?  There are lots of pieces to unwravel in the 10,000+ lines of assembly code.

Current release: 1.0.001 Dec 9th 2006
Read the history file. <-Look here for the latest news
Download jumpman
Download the source code.
Download the level editor (very beta!)
Read the Jumpman Project FAQ

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For all things Jumpman, please visit The Jumpman Lounge

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