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Welcome to the winThrottle homepage.

winThrottle was written by Jeff Leyda and Ryan Geiss

Latest windows Vista(*)/XP/NT/2K (does NOT work under win98/95/ME!) version: build 007,Dec 12th 2006
Source code (Visual Studio .NET C++): build 007

Click here for the DOS/win9x/winME Throttle page

(*) Please note the following:
1) Vista functionality appears spotty at best, and may depend on the type of vista you're using and the motherboard it is running on. Vista changed the rules for drivers, and I am not able to free up enough time/interest to keep up with them.
2) This product has not, nor will be, tested under Windows 7 by the author(s)
3) This product has been abandoned by the author(s) for at least 3 years. Please do not email requests for help or upgrades on newer hardware/software.
4) This product is open source. You get what you pay for, feel free to upgrade it to work on modern equipment. I just don't have time anymore

winThrottle is free and open source software. It contains no spyware or malware.

Why is your computer running at 100% capacity when you're not using it?
Use throttle to cool your computer, prolong the life of your CPU, and save a little electricity too.
Throttle is a perfect background utility for machines running 24 hours a day.
Have a program that runs too fast? (perhaps an old game?)
Use winThrottle to slow your machine down so it will run at the proper rate.

What it does:
Throttle uses a feature in your system's hardware to modify the clock speed going to your CPU, rather than using software "delay loops" or HLT instructions to slow your machine down. This method provides very smooth slowdowns without any incompatibilities with software.

- "on the fly" adjustability for the amount of slowdown.
- CPU load based auto-throttling. Slows down your CPU when not in use, speeds up as demand increases.
- simple to use interface.
- hides in the system tray when minimized.
- small memory and CPU usage footprint, machine can also be throttled with NO memory or CPU usage.
- command line support for complete background usage.
- completely compatible with other system slowdown utilities.
- free and open source.

- Newer CPUs with SpeedStep technology may actually INCREASE the amount of power consumed when the system is throttled. The machine will still slow down, but don't use winThrottle if you're looking to save energy.

winThrottle has also been ported to Delphi by Bill Jameson.
His version monitors the CPU temperature on certain motherboards and will throttle accordingly.
Download the Delphi version with source code.

For support on using these programs, contact jeff@silent d0t net

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