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If you've gotten here and need UNIX help, there are several UNIX/Internet resources on the web here at DePaul that can help you. If you're still completely stumped, then call the help desk at extension 8765 (312-362-8765). Please email me only as a last resort, as these resources can help you quicker than I can.

Why this exists:

I have a personal home page that I don't update with any regular frequency at MCSNet, but that doesn't tell you what I do here at DePaul, so that's what this page will do.

What I do:

I've been working for DePaul since 1994, and while I started as a Windows application developer, I greatly prefer my current duties as the main UNIX System Administrator and Systems Programmer, a position I share with Rick Cruz.

What I like doing:

While working at DePaul, I've accomplished many things, and are fairly proud of them. Some of my "neato" accomplishments include:

What I do anyway:

Of course, there's a lot of stuff that I do every single day/week/month that isn't so neato (read: mundane), including:

I have a good deal of fun working here most days. It's challenging, but the rewards are usually worth it--helping people makes me feel good about myself.

Personal and Professional Opinions: (I'll try not to fall off my soapbox)

Trivia about me:

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