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TexView - Views ASCII strings in binary files

I wrote TexView because I like to look inside binary files a lot (it's a fast way to get a quick overview of a program, data file, etc.) and because I got tired of how slow LIST was on my 8088. Buerg (RIP) will always be a legend, but his program buffers 32K or more at a time, giving it a slow startup time; doesn't handle segments well; etc. making it a frustrating experience to look at binary stuff on a slow PC.

TexView is not slow. Quite the opposite; it's fast. It was written to do one thing very well, and it does. If you like to poke around binary files for interesting strings, you'll like it.

You can download TexView v1.2 here.


/s+ /s- CGA "snow" handling on/off.  Eliminates CGA snow at the
        expense of display speed.
/h+ /h- Buffered screen writes on/off (updates entire screen at once).
        May appear more visually pleasing on slow hardware.


PgDn: forward one screen page
PgUp: backward one screen page
Home: beginning of file
 End: end of file
 f,b: cycle foreground/background colors
   a: toggles ASCII on/off (if set, only low ASCII (32-127) displayed)
 ESC: exit


Complete source is included, so you can recompile, change, enhance, whatever. All I ask is that you give me some credit in any derivative works.

The source also includes my ludicriously fast textwrite unit. It is the fastest textwrite procedure ever written for 8088. I'm really proud of it and I openly dare anyone to improve it. The entire textwrite package, including documentation and example testing program, will be made available in another distribution in the future.

Hints for IBM PCjr owners:

  1. Use the /s- switch to turn off snow checking. You don't need it, and it will speed up the display significantly.
  2. While not stated in the program's help text, you can use spacebar as a substitute for PageDown, and backspace for PageUp. This will save your FN key. You're welcome.

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