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Trixter: The Compleat Works

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  • Trixter's El-Cheapo Webcam: What am I doing right this very second? Check the webcam.
  • Attempts at Humor: Occaisionally I try to be funny. Occaisionally.
  • Essays I have written: Sometimes I feel the need to write my opinion on something. Occaisionally, these opinions are interesting.
  • Website archives: I am demented enough to have archived my freshman web efforts.
  • Helpful Resources: At various times in my life, I have persued certain topics to an obsessive degree and then written about them with my newfound knowledge. This section contains various reviews and guides about things I've discovered.
  • Presentations I have given: At the tender age of 35 I finally started giving some talks at various functions. Not bad for someone who failed Speech three times in college. This area of contains links to video of those presentations, as well as the powerpoint slides and other raw materials I used to give them.

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